National and international transports


Transports carried out at the required temperature set by means of sanitized trucks

National and international transports


Transports carried out at the required temperature set by means of sanitized trucks


We deal with national and international temperature-controlled transports both as FTL (Full Truck Load) and groupage (in particular to and from France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark).
For transports up to 600 kilometers, the delivery is guaranteed on the same loading day.

Transports are always carried out at the required temperature set. Should there be any discrepancy in the provided indications, we will refer to those on the transport documents thus complying with current legislation.
We guarantee high quality standards in absolute compliance with national and international laws regulating transport field (Reg. CE 852/2004; Reg. CE 853/2004; Reg. CE 178/2002; Codex Alimentarius; IFS Logistics Standard [vers. 2.3]).

All the vehicles used to carry food products are meant for that specific purpose. They are equipped with health certificates, ATP certificate and data loggers capable of storing the temperature records of the various transports, besides, their refrigerating system is regularly checked (temperature detection probes are calibrated YEARLY).

We clean, dry and sanitize trucks before each service, in order to prevent the products from being contaminated by bad smells or mold and to remove dirt and germs maintaining therefore proper hygiene conditions inside the load compartment.

All the trucks we use for temperature-controlled transports are:

  • equipped with refrigerators which are subjected to periodic maintenance, as required by the manufacturers and by rules of good practice
  • equipped with temperature detection probes which are calibrated yearly
  • carefully inspected by the drivers before the loading operations start
  • equipped with a display, located inside the driver’s cabin, which shows the temperature inside the load compartment allowing the driver to check constantly the temperature of the goods all over the journey
  • equipped with a system recording the temperature fluctuations inside the load compartment (thermo recorder) which also allows to print, upon request, the list of the temperatures recorded during all over the journey
  • equipped with ATP isothermic test certificate and health certificates

Drivers supervise the stowage of the goods making sure that they are stowed correctly (ie that air can freely circulate inside the load compartment).
Drivers take care trucks arrive at the pick-up place at the temperature set requested by the customer and/or suitable to prevent the goods from deteriorating or damaging

Here follows an analysis of the different foodstuffs and their related transport temperatures:

Product type Minimum Temp. Maximum Temp.
Milk and dairy products +4° +14°
Frozen ground meat, frozen meat preparation, frozen mechanically separated meat -25° -15°
Frozen fish -25° -15°
Frozen foodstuff -25° -15°
Fresh seasonal fruit 14°


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