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International shipment of foodstuffs and products

Empol Logistics (GmbH) was established in 2009 in in Planegg, Germany, thanks to its founding members long-time experience in the international road transports branch.

In recent years, it has become an important and reliable enterprise for companies that send goods to Italy or abroad.

Thanks to an extensive network in the European shipments branch and our vehicle fleet, we are able to offer a fast and reliable shipping all over Europe.

Since 2013, Empol Logistics has added a new office in Abruzzi, solidifying its steady growth in the international shipments market.


Our goal is to face the continuous market changes by creating innovative solutions for our customers and providers.

With our solid management and qualified team, we assure prompt deliveries with competitive prices that are in accordance with international service standards. Our high-tech vehicle fleet allows for speedy delivery.

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